Lean Engineering

Since the widespread dissemination of Lean Management and 6 sigma methods, manufacturing is becoming less of a differentiator

Production performance is now relatively homogeneous within the same sector. However, in the area of ​​product development, progress has been slower and more heterogeneous and the performance of the various players remains uneven.


4 priorities
  1. Product Policy for a better coherence between marketing and development strategy - Decoupling innovation & product launches, and resource flexibility;
  2. Development methods (OBS / WBS - Set Based - Simulation - Standardization of low level tasks)
  3. Management to better handle the inevitable hazards - Catch Ball; Stage Gates, Nemawashi, Obeyas, Resource Expenses
  4. Kaizen to progress again and again - A3 / Visual management; PDVSM, 7 mudas, Hansai.

Design to coast - Effidyn
From leading industries
As for manufacturing, it was the Automobile Industry, and Toyota in particular, which set the pace in the 1960s and 1970s. It demonstrated that the key to performance lies in mastering the practices of these four areas.

In the field of Lean Engineering, Effidyn focuses on:

to your context

If the theorical principles are the same for everyone, their prioritization and deployment must be adapted to the specificities of every business sector. Between an industry where a launch requires a team of tens or hundreds of people for several years and another where 100 people launch several thousand products a year, the concrete practices and their deployment are very different.

A strong multi sectoral experience

Our teams have been able to deploy these principles in industries with varied constraints (consumer goods, aeronautics / defense, automotive, industrial equipment, etc.). This diversity of experience on both levers and business sectors combined with our change management skills positions us as a key partner for Managers who have the ambition to improve the performance of their development process.

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