In a highly competitive and volatile market environment, the ability to constantly innovate has become crucial.

Our interventions in this field are of 2 types:

Organisation and innovative process definition:

Boosting the innovative capacity of a company is about defining the roles and the responsabilities of a dedicated department (departments such "Innovation Department" are more and more common in the companies) and defining innovation planing and decision making processes from the concept to the market (for instance, we helped Airbus to put in place there "Innovative center" and we carried out benchmark for Michelin).

Innovation - Effidyn

Innovative offer creation
Practical cases support:

Helping a client to generate a new concept from a "commercial brief" and specific team leading ; for instance, we helped a client to develop a new plane seat concept, we helped Bouygues Travaux Publics to think about what the future tunnel boring machine could be and we worked with Total Lubricants to build up a portfolio of innovative concepts from market forces.

In the field of Innovation, Effidyn focuses on :


Innovation is not Invention: It is not only about generating new offer ideas, but also to consider their chance of success to limit the risks of commercial failures ; we always keep this in mind while carrying on our approaches, whether we take action during the "emergence" phase or during the next project phases.

Collective intelligence

We shaped an expertise in creativity tools (TRIZ, analogy, The 6 hats method…) and we make creativity happen by putting key people in favourable situations.

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