Design to cost

Regarding offer competitiveness, methods such as value analyses or target-cost design have shown how efficient they are for decades.

If the savings depend on the offer maturity, often they turn around 30%. But the company maturity regarding these methods is still not high enough, which leads to buying external consulting services when a project is in a bad situation.


Develop their know-how
At Effidyn, we consider that these methods must be an integral part of the DNA of a company that regularly develops new products or services. With this objective, we developed a methodological kit based on 5 pillars that allows us to transfer this competence to the entire company, within a short time frame and with a guaranteed profitability from the first month.

Lean engineering - Effydin

Drive your objectives
Beyond the common culture thus developed and the improved efficiency of the design process, the generalization of this approach enables you to aggregate the dashboards of each project and thus to have a reliable management of product development "cost" performance Moreover, depending on the development stakes, the approach may also relate to other parameters than costs, such as size, mass, etc...
Effidyn’s support on the subject can take specific forms:
Strategic project

Should the need arise, Effidyn's assistance can focus on the operational support of one or more projects that have a very high level of profitability for your company, without aiming at the generalization/transfer of the approach to your teams.


If your development resources are limited and not available for your project, our partnerships with Design Offices allow us to offer you complete management of the development, right up to the industrial file. The solicitation of your resources is then limited to the reviews and validation of the deliverables.

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