About us

Effidyn is a management consulting firm that helps major industry and services companies in implementing sustainable and efficient innovation policy.

Our values

PragmatismTo get to the heart of the matter and secure results, which means :
• a deep knowledge of methods, in order to adapt them to your need
• a capacity to quickly grasp the clients' business stakes

High standardsTo improve together by setting up :
• a close relationship with our clients, which is required to align our clients' needs with execution
• clear roles and responsabilities for the members of the joint-team

SolidarityTo get quick and sustainable results demands :
• a systematic know-how transfer to our clients' collaborators
• mutual trust and shared understanding of our clients situations

Our team


Partnership founded in 2008, Effidyn is owned and managed by strategy, organisation and operations consulting professionals. Effidyn offers specific services to Directorates-General to help them to succeed their Innovation and Competitivety programmes.

Marc Péran linkedin

59, Polytechnique,
Master of Science Caltech

Marc started is career in oil-drilling industry (Elf gabon) and he has over 25 years experience in consulting firms. Partner in Bossard then Vice-President in Gemini Consulting, he managed the Innovation management and Product development consulting teams before creating Effidyn in 2008.
He is a specialist in aerospace/defence and automotive industries. Also, he directed a SME specialized in mechanical services supply for the automotive industry...

Vianney Lagrange linkedin

59, Centrale Paris, IAE

Vianney was part of the R&D thalès team before launching an over 25 years career in industrial consulting firms.
Partner in Bossard then Vice-President in Gemini Consulting, he created and directed two consulting films (Hemeria and SAY Partners), before joining Effidyn in 2013.
He is a specialist in Operational Excellence in industry sector (Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Development).

Loïc Lepape linkedin

41, UTC

Loïc started is career as an engineer then he became co-director of the product development department for EGG Solutions company - a 360° vision equipments maker. He has been working in consulting firms for more than 11 years. First in 
Covalence, as a specialist of Design to Cost / Design to Value and then as an associate. He joined Effidyn in 2008.
He has lead more than twenty missions in operational performance, innovation and project management fields.

Alexandre Brocard linkedin

38, Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (EFPG)

Alexandre managed a workshop in the paper industry before joining the consulting firm Say Partners. Then, he developed a Lean Management expertise in Step Consulting and leaded many transformation missions in varied industrial sectors, from a sonar assembly workshop to high courts. He joined Effidyn in 2011.

Our teams are made of experienced consultants with varied operational backgrounds. Creative, passionate and enterprising, our consultants complete the set of skills of our consultancy.